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  1. 7 Ways Montessori Helps Kids Succeed in Life (Not Just School)

    At the beginning of the school year, I had a conversation with Ms. Rowley, one of The Springs amazing Elementary Teachers.  Ms. Rowley has been teaching for decades and has had the joy of watching former students grow into college students and adults.   We were discussing what makes children successful in school and life. With... Continue Reading »

  2. I Want to Go Back: Second Plane Problems

    By: Maureen Clifford, Executive Director, NOVA Montessori   Maria Montessori described human development as a series of Four Planes: Infancy:  0-6 Childhood: 6-12 Adolescence: 12-18 Maturity: 18-24 She specifically saw them as planes, identifying commonalties to each, on which children can move around on different courses as opposed to linear paths that all children experience... Continue Reading »

  3. Age Three:  The First Montessori Year of Transition, Part Two

    Welcome back! Let’s take a look at how the Toddler House supports this transitional year. Most children will turn three during their final year in the Toddler House.   Many parents are eager for their children to move up to the Children’s House immediately upon turning three.  However, mid-year transitions are not common practice at The... Continue Reading »

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