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  1. 3 Back-to-School Tips for your Montessori Child

    The old saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun.” It sure does! Our Summer Camp went by so fast, and the new Academic Year is upon us. Going from an at-home or camp summer routine to a full-time school schedule might be challenging, and we want our students and families to have plenty... Continue Reading »

  2. Summer Reading, A Montessori List

      Hopefully, your children are spending quality time reading or being read to over these summer months, but what about the grown ups?  If you happen to be a bookworm who misses the days of summer reading lists, here’s a quick one with some Montessori titles that you can pepper in with your juicy beach... Continue Reading »

  3. 7 Ways Montessori Helps Kids Succeed in Life (Not Just School)

    At the beginning of the school year, I had a conversation with Ms. Rowley, one of The Springs amazing Elementary Teachers.  Ms. Rowley has been teaching for decades and has had the joy of watching former students grow into college students and adults.   We were discussing what makes children successful in school and life. With... Continue Reading »

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