Both of our children attend THE SPRINGS (and two nieces attended previously), and we have been absolutely thrilled. Academically, because of the Montessori approach, almost all of the kids in our children’s classes are way ahead of grade level. In fact, our biggest problem with the school was that it prepared the kids so well, that it was hard to find an elementary school that met all of our criteria and would allow them to continue to thrive…but with the opening of the new elementary program, that challenge has been solved! But it’s really the poise, leadership and grace that sets the kids on the right path. Our oldest is a high-energy boy, and he has really thrived. Our youngest is calmer, but started school with her own challenges and is now also thriving. Our kids love going to school, absolutely adore their teachers, and have made progress beyond our wildest expectations academically, socially and as compassionate young leaders. The new building is actually awesome, even if it doesn’t look like a traditional school from the outside.

Not every school fits with every child/family, but Mr. Dan and Ms. Maureen have taken a great school and turned it into a superlative school.

—Brett and Lara Coffee

Our sons, Evan and Jeremy, attended THE SPRINGS from September 2006 through June 2011. When we first applied for preschools in 2006 for our eldest son, Evan, we had a number of options and received admission to several competitive schools in the Northern Virginia area. We choose THE SPRINGS because we were immediately impressed by the quality of the administration of the school, the level of expertise of the teachers, and the overall atmosphere of the classrooms, which promoted a calm and productive learning environment. In our five years at THE SPRINGS, we had an incredibly positive experience. Both of our sons developed a deep love of learning as well as lasting friendships with both their peers and their teachers.

—Suzanne Smith and Doug Fagen

We are about to enter our fourth year with THE SPRINGS and have been extremely pleased with the progress our children have made throughout the program. We have two children in the Children’s House class and our third will be starting in the toddler class this Fall. THE SPRINGS offers a calm, respectful, and organized environment in which learning is made fun. Our children are actively engaged in learning and their steady progress is amazing to see. They have gained a thorough understanding of mathematics, reading, and writing as well as geography, science, art and music.

THE SPRINGS’ modern facility exceeds many other schools we considered, and we have been very pleased with the professionalism of the faculty and staff. The Children’s House teachers are very engaged and caring with the children. They are always available to answer questions about our children. In addition, the outdoor play space is much larger than it first appears and our children absolutely love their countless hours outside.

We found it difficult to find any comparable programs in the greater Springfield / Burke area. We would recommend THE SPRINGS to anyone looking for a Montessori program for their children.

—Alex and Carolyn Kosowski

We have been at The Springs Montessori for 3 years now. My daughter is graduating this year from Kindergarten and my son is starting Kindergarten this year. The Springs Montessori is as good a school as I could ever have hoped and dreamed to find for my children. Its academics are advanced and its teachers are enthusiastic, caring, and well-versed in their subject matter. There is structure, but that structure has allowed our kid’s confidence to emerge and their social skills to bloom. My kids have grown in ways that I could never have imagined and I will be forever grateful for all the teachers, aides and the director as well.

—Tina & Naveen Modi