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3 Back-to-School Tips for your Montessori Child

The old saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun.” It sure does! Our Summer Camp went by so fast, and the new Academic Year is upon us. Going from an at-home or camp summer routine to a full-time school schedule might be challenging, and we want our students and families to have plenty... Continue Reading »

Summer Reading, A Montessori List

  Hopefully, your children are spending quality time reading or being read to over these summer months, but what about the grown ups?  If you happen to be a bookworm who misses the days of summer reading lists, here’s a quick one with some Montessori titles that you can pepper in with your juicy beach... Continue Reading »

7 Ways Montessori Helps Kids Succeed in Life (Not Just School)

At the beginning of the school year, I had a conversation with Ms. Rowley, one of The Springs amazing Elementary Teachers.  Ms. Rowley has been teaching for decades and has had the joy of watching former students grow into college students and adults.   We were discussing what makes children successful in school and life. With... Continue Reading »

I Want to Go Back: Second Plane Problems

By: Maureen Clifford, Executive Director, NOVA Montessori   Maria Montessori described human development as a series of Four Planes: Infancy:  0-6 Childhood: 6-12 Adolescence: 12-18 Maturity: 18-24 She specifically saw them as planes, identifying commonalties to each, on which children can move around on different courses as opposed to linear paths that all children experience... Continue Reading »

Age Three:  The First Montessori Year of Transition, Part Two

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at how the Toddler House supports this transitional year. Most children will turn three during their final year in the Toddler House.   Many parents are eager for their children to move up to the Children’s House immediately upon turning three.  However, mid-year transitions are not common practice at The... Continue Reading »

Age Three: The First Montessori Year of Transition, Part One

Have you ever heard the term, “threenager?”  It pops up from time to time on the Internet and refers to the unique, sometimes challenging, aspects of a three-year-old.  We hear an awful lot about the “terrible twos.”  As parents, you brace yourself and expect resistance, tantrums, and other challenging behaviors at two.   However, many, many... Continue Reading »

To Squeezie or Not to Squeezie?

As parents of a young child, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there isn’t a single one of us out there who hasn’t, at one time or another, thanked that universe for the invention of the squeezie (a.k.a pouches, pouchies, Squooshies, etc.)  Whatever your tyke calls them, we have all... Continue Reading »

Sleep Deprivation in Kids

With winter upon us and the world around us seeming to go into hibernation, I find myself thinking more and more of curling up under a thick blanket for a long winter’s nap. Of course, our children rarely follow suit.  Us adults would probably pay good money for a regular nap while our little ones... Continue Reading »

The Montessori Student’s Wish List…

Since Sirius/XM has their holiday music stations up and running, and every other commercial on TV has jingle bells and gift wrap, we thought it’s time to publish our first ever “Wish List for the Montessori Kid.” Many parents with children in Montessori programs consider purchasing Montessori materials for holiday or birthday gifts.  Parents will... Continue Reading »

Why Won’t My Child Tell Me About School?

Do you ever feel like your child won’t tell you about his day?  Or that he tells you the same thing every day? Don’t worry.  You are not alone.  Parents have a notoriously hard time prying information from their children.   I can’t promise it will get any easier.  In fact, it will probably continue right... Continue Reading »